Michelle Ransom, Shift Change, and Accountability Groups/Idea Circles:

Michelle is a pragmatic professional with more than 15 years’ experience in financial services, healthcare, government, and energy. Aligning improvement projects with strategy, she has led projects with budgets up to $6m, 30 team members, impacting 1000+ employees, with durations up to 2 years.

She has developed a reputation for high work standards, creativity, approachability and making change stick.  Check out her philosophy (of organizational change work, not existentialism), inspiration from Ed Schein’s “Humble Consulting”,  and the 18 personal recommendations.

She founded Shift Change to provide operational improvement and organizational change consulting services.  She is also the founder of Accountability Group and  Ideacircle, non-virtual communities of practice, sharing experiences to improve outcomes, and help people achieve their goals.

Michelle has a Bachelor of Commerce (University of Saskatchewan), a Masters of Organizational Psychology (London School of Economics), and a Lean/Six Sigma Green Belt (University of Wisconsin).