I’m in your corner…. one session of the Accountability Project in November

For those of you who are curious about the Accountability Project please email me and I’ll tell you more about the one session we are planning for late November in Toronto.

This is about becoming sponsors for each other – different from peer-mentoring:

“A sponsor is typically not in your field, but like a mentor they can see your potential. To them you are a diamond in the rough. A sponsor is a master networker, they have all the connections to take your career to the next level and beyond. They will network on your behalf to garner you face time with the influencers and power players that dominate their industries. A sponsor gains satisfaction from discovering your raw talent and showcasing you to the world. Sponsors are human capital catalysts.

…Think of it this way, a mentor sees your potential and chisels you into a ‘flawless cut’. A sponsor polishes you to perfection, then invites prospective bidders to invest in your limitless potential.”



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