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Better late than never: 3 minutes of mindfulness for reducing stress

I’m late to this party. It has been going on around me for a long time, sometimes around the corner (literally a block-and-a-half from my house, sigh). Thanks to Diana Last and Mindfulness Everyday for teaching the 8 week MBSR class. I learned I am not my thoughts nor my feelings (and that has been HUGE). And, as one of the important voices in this area, Jon Kabat Zinn says at the end of the Breathing Space guided meditation: “It is already here, whatever it is. Let me feel it.” Give it a try if you are – like me – late to this party: three minutes at lunch time, while you are nuking lunch… maybe coffee time or even on the subway. Hope you find it as useful as I have.

The 3 minute breathing space by the father of MBSR….

Let’s remember to take care of ourselves  – so that we are able bring our best to our care for others. (note to self).


Check out this amazing recipe book of “micro-structures” for facilitating meetings and workshops with the overarching values of respect, collaboration and allowing the content to emerge! and on vimeo:  and  don’t miss my favourite LS  tool for creating engagement and collaboration:  “1, 2, 4, ALL”


Classical music versus jazz, fixed versus free, planned versus improvised… which one is better for our creative process?




TED talks that I love that have influenced the way I think about things (including change management!):





The art of being yourself | Caroline McHugh



On vulnerability & shame:

Brene Brown on vulnerability and shame