What is the Accountability Group?

For the past 2 years, Accountability Groups have helped us meet our goals.  At the beginning, people’s goals were primarily work-related (finding employment /contracts/new business etc) but individuals quickly found that personal goals like time management, work-life balance, and health were actually at the core of our productivity.  This is a no-fee community group, run by volunteers.  Read on to see if this could help you too!


Q:  What is the purpose of this group?

A:  The Accountability Group helps entrepreneurs, individuals and job-seekers to reach their goals. We do this by creating a space for people to hold their own feet to the fire, connecting into the energy of group collaboration. Freelancing, independent consulting, entrepreneurship, job-hunting and the like can be isolating activities. We have used a private virtual community on slack.com, and the brainstorming and support comes to life at frequent in-person meetings in Toronto IRL.  This is a no-fee community group, run by volunteers.

Q: What are people saying about their experience? What did they get out of it?

  • “Michelle’s Accountability Group was a great keeping our projects in focus. I joined the group to help keep me and my project on track. Because of the group, I was able to measure my progress in an objective setting. I would work with Michelle again, and found her to be innovative, intelligent and funny.”
  • “Joining Michelle’s Accountability Group in 2015 helped me to stay focused on my start-up venture, at a time when it felt like it was going nowhere. Thanks to this group, I received honest and pragmatic feedback to help me with start-up and workplace challenges. Our small group brainstorming discussions were respectful and supportive. I look forward to working with Michelle again – she is very approachable, with a wealth of knowledge, and a tremendous amount of positive, creative energy”
  • “Michelle’s accountability group was an incredibly helpful resource that assisted me in launching my private practice. I joined the group to help me clarify the steps I needed to take and to keep my business plan on track. Through the group I was encouraged to take risks and push outside of my comfort zone to effectively promote my business.”
  • go to this link for more testimonials

Q: How do you help each other at the in-person meetings?

A:  We have in-person meetings (as frequent as weekly, sometimes monthly, depending on the needs of the individuals in the cohort) where we use this standing agenda to deeply focus on each person’s challenge/roadblock of the week.  See the standing agenda here.

Each person receives 10-15min of intense attention on their specific roadblock, using a technique called Troika Consulting.

Q: Have you used any on-line tools to help with accountability?

A:  Some groups wanted to experiment with virtual support, others have preferred the in-person experience only.  We have used a group on slack.com, where we post weekly progress reports following the 5-15 method  (15 min to write, 5 to read and/or written at 5:15 on Fridays!). Group members read each other’s reports and generate ideas to help each other with the “challenges/roadblocks” section of their report.  Here is the article/format.

Q: I’m curious. How do I learn more?

A:   Please send an email to  accgrouptoronto (at) gmail (dot) com

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